Violet EP (Blank Editions)31/8/18
The Nest EP (Lumen Lake)


Everything (La Leif Remix)- Rick Leigh
Window (La Leif Remix) - Leiik
Romeo (La Leif Remix) - Femme
Inspiration (La Leif Remix) - Daniel Cherney
Akta Dig för Maran (La Leif Remix) - Lehnberg

Resonance Mix for Splice Festival


La Leif is 24 year old South London producer Francine Perry. She makes gritty electronic music that sits somewhere between broken techno and a dystopian film soundtrack.   
Her site-specific EP 'The Nest' (released on the Lumen Lake) was written about natural spaces, and weaves together a large amount of field recordings to create a set as minimal as it is dense.

As well as making music Francine co-founded the London based collective for female and non-binary music producers called Omnii and is one half of the duo ORKA

La Leif performs a fully analogue set, so every performance is unique. She has played across the UK, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, and the Faroe Islands.



12/7/18 Headline show at Lock Tavern, Camden
14/04/18 Curl: Doon, Curl, La Leif, Sweetboy, Junior X.L.
The Yard Theatre

12/04/18 Happy Endings, Dalston Superstore (DJ)
15/02/18 Sweetboy, La Leif, Elsa Hewitt, Tivo Bronx,
The Windmill, Brixton
19/11/17 Omni Presents Monkia Werkstatt and La Leif
 Cafe Oto, Dalston
25/10/17 Electrolights
Rye Wax, Peckham
23/09/17 Walthamstow Electronic Festival
Mirth, Marvel & Maude, Walthamstow
06/07/17 SE Collective Bang Gang
CLF Art Cafe, Peckham
04/06/17 Kaleida support
 The Waiting Room, Stoke Newington
04/05/17 NX Mixtape Launch (DJ)
Corsica Studios, Vauxhall
13/05/17 Peckham Rye Festival
 Copeland Gallery, Peckham
01/02/17 Nate's Motel
Corsica Studios, Peckham
12/8/16 Hybrid Vigour
The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield
13/8/16 South London Record Fair
 Rye Wax, Peckham
09/07/16 Dalston Music Festival
Dalston Studios
29/04/16 Papay Gyro Nights Festival,
Focal Fair, Hong Kong
21/04/16 Lamour Sweden Night.
The George Tavern, London
09/03/16 Squareglass - FLK, La Leif, Crypt Thing
Birthdays, Dalston
03/02/16 Live set on Reprezent Radio
21/01/16 The Surround
The Nines, Peckham
13/01/16 The Lumen Lake @ Rye Wax
18/11/15 Ticktock EP Launch Party - The Social, London
16/10/15 The Lumen Lake Label Launch - Lewisham Arthouse
7-9/08/15 Nomadic Female DJ Troup, 
Supernormal Festival, Oxford
30/07/15 Lamore
Gävle, Sweden
16-19/07/15 Latitude Festival
27/06/15 Cosmic Pulse, 
Apiary Studios, Hackney
29/04/15 Sirkus Føroyar
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
02/05/15 Kontrapunkt
Malmö, Sweden
04/04/15 Montague Arms
New Cross, London
12/03/15 Junk Son EP Launch, 
 Rye Wax, London
25/01/15 Abeerance, 
 The Job Centre, Deptford
02/12/14 The Lumen Lake,
Lewisham Arthouse
18/10/14 Montague arms, 
New Cross, London