La Leif is the moniker of 25 year old South London producer Francine Perry.  La Leif’s music is gritty, it sits somewhere between leftfield techno and a dystopian film soundtrack. As well as making music Francine co-founded and runs the London based collective for female and non-binary music producers called Omnii and has recently been awarded an Oram award by PRS Foundation in collaboration with The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop . 

La Leif plays fully analogue live sets on a mixture of samplers, synths and drum machines and having played across the UK and in Scandinavia, Hong Kong, and the Faroe Islands. Her remix of Leiik was played on BBC Radio 6 and featured by COMPLEX and DJ Mag Italia. 

This new material takes inspiration from the urban soundworld as apposed to the natural soundworld of her debut EP ‘The Nest’. It involves field recordings taken in Berlin and London, meshing industrial sounds into a deep listening and club context.

‘Rising electronic producer’ Matthew Herbert - NX mixtape
‘Water Torture’ is the latest example of South London producer La Leif’s ability to make room for the otherworldly.’ DIY ‘Manipulating heavy textured bass with synthetic sounds that resemble strings, pieces of samples, including her own vocal get dispersed into heavenly abyss’ Lights + Music
‘Beats and bass fit to shake Cafe Oto's foundations' Include Me Out





Live Video





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